About Us

Paul and Soden James, proprietors of Ooloonthoo Restaurant, opened the doors of the first and only Indian restaurant in Honduras on September 2, 2005. Ooloonthoo, the Tamil word for the lentil from which pappadums are made, is located on the main road to Sandy Bay, just outside of West End, Roatan, Honduras.

Ooloonthoo is a small boutique style restaurant situated on a hill with an ocean view.

Since its inception, Ooloonthoo quickly earned critical acclaim as the best dining venue on the island. The James' came by this reputation not only for their masterfully prepared dishes but for the gracious and knowledgeable service as well. From the moment you are greeted and throughout your entire evening, you will enjoy an attention to detail in every respect. Visitors to Roatan can now expect to find truly world class Indian cuisine on Roatan.

At Ooloonthoo, all menu items and their accompaniments are made fresh and on site by Chef Paul James. Although the spices are imported from India to ensure authenticity, Chef Paul also makes every effort possible to seek out locally grown and harvested ingredients. This practice not only helps to ensure freshness but also places Ooloonthoo as the vanguard in helping to foster a new "real food" culture on Roatan.

If you are planning a trip to Roatan, then an evening at Ooloonthoo is a must. Reservations are required, especially during the busy season between December and April. You can place an online reservation request from the Contact Us section of this webpage.